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The group brasiliense Age Of Artemis , was formed in 2009 from the idealization of drummer Pedro Senna, with the presence of prominent members such as Alirio Netto (vocals), Nathan Grego (guitar), Gabriel Soto (guitar) and Giovanni Sena (bass).

Technique and musicality, allied to different influences exerted on each, including elements of progressive and power metal, demanded the direction of a producer able to do so. Edu Falaschi (Angra / Almah) took command, in order to define and synchronize the identity of the new disc.

The detailed recording and production process could only result in the creation of the explosive album “Overcoming Limits” which, although extremely elaborate and creative, is filled with strong songs and objective.

The musicians had been highlighted in major magazines and specialized sites like, where the band won the title of seventh best band in the year 2011. In those years on the road, have shown their work at major festivals in places like Brasilia, Fortaleza, Goiania and Florianópolis. Recently the group released their debut album in Japan through recording contract with King Records and in early 2013 the album will also be available in the U.S. and Europe via contract with the label Power Prog Records .


Alirio Netto Bossle began his musical career in Florianopolis with 15 years of singing in rock bands. At 18 he began studying classical singing with soprano Rute Gebler, participating in the group Vozes da Primavera where he earned a great recognition from critics and audiences.

In 1998 Alirio Netto moved to the city of Brasilia to stud with Maestro Marconi Araujo. Also in Brasilia participates in several local assemblies of Broadway musicals as Jesus Christ Superstar, where he played the role of Jesus. Alirio has also cast in several productions of operas such as Carmen, Madame Butterfly, La Boehme, Don Giovanni among others, all performed at the National Theater Claudio Santoro in Brasilia.

After a season of concerts and performances throughout the country, Alirio Netto moved to Mexico City to star in the assembly’s official musical Jesus Christ Superstar Season 2000/2002, staying in theaters for nearly two years, participating in a tour through Mexico, USA and Guatemala with mexican pop singer/actor Eric Rubin.In 2002, he participated in a summer course at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Also studied with Professors Debra Burningbaum (Metropolitan New York), Teresina Bueno (Televisa Mexico).

In 2003 returned to Brazil where he recorded the first work with his band Khallice, the band toured the country with the CD The Journey and enjoyed great success and recognition. In 2007 the band signed a contract with the renowned American label Magna Carta which released the CD The Journey in Europe, USA and Asia. In 2008 Khallice released Ep Inside Your Head, and due to great critical and public recognition of the band was often invited to share the stage with great names of world music like Guns N’Roses, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Sebastian Bach, Symphony X, Alanis Morrisette, Simply Red and others.

Besides Khallice, Alirio Netto has just launched a CD dedicated to the rock audience, the band is Age Of Artemis and the CD is Overcoming Limits. This work was produced by the renowned vocalist Edu Falaschi from the band Angra. Later this year Alirio will release a new job, the CD Zero with the band Lince that should go out in the first half of 2012.

Today Alirio Netto courses and workshops in singing voice professionals preparing to join the career in musical theater and singing in general. Many of his students are already part of the professionals musical theater productions such as Phantom of the Opera, Miss Saigon, Aida, The Sound of Music, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King (Germany) among others.

Alirio is still singing teacher of the GTR Instituto de Guitarra de Brasília and vocal director of the Escola de Musicais de Brasília.

Ricardo was born in August 7th, 1979 in Marau/RS/Brazil. He started playing drums at 11y.o. by his own. Also had a few classes to learn reading music in 1998. Ricardo made an apostil and since 2000 teaches private drum classes. He also plays other instruments, what lead him to write many songs, wich some of them can be listen in bands like Ata D’arc, Dinnamarque, Escarpus and Seawalker. He also worked in studio between 2002 and 2009. In 2011 released two solo albums with his own songs. The first one is Heavy Metal and the second one is Rock. The third solo album is being released as a rescue to the past, with all old songs wrote by him.

Ricardo doesn´t have an unique drummer who has influenced him and his style of playing. And just because of it, he can sound different of other regular drummers. He can play a light music as Pop as good as he plays Heavy Metal.

Eclectic, he likes Classical, Celtic, Pop, Rock, Metal (whatever metal is…) What sounds good, is good to listen to.

Some of the drummers Ricardo admires: Nicko McBrain, , Paul Bostaph, John Tempesta, Charlie Benante, Dave Lombardo, Mike Mangini, Mike Terrana, Mike Portnoy, Randy Black, Thomas Lang, Uli Kusch, Vinnie Paul, Chris Adler, Aquiles Priester, João Barone, Kiko Freitas, Charles Gavin, Ivan Busic, Fernando Schaeffer, Albino Infantozzih… it´s endless. These are just a few.


- Curto Circuito (rock) – 1991
- Densidade Zero (rock) – 1993 a 1994
- Behead (rock) – 1997
- Projeto Oculto (rock) – 1998
- In Excelsis (rock/blues) – 1999
- Raça Galponeira (Traditional South Brazilian music)
- Skellter (rock) – 2002 a 2003
- Ata D’arc (heavy metal) – 2002 a 2005
- Mahgah (mpb/rock) – 2003 – 2012
- Brave (heavy metal) – 2005 – 2010
- Dinnamarque (heavy metal) – 2005 – 2011
- Superbox (pop/rock) – 2005 – 2009
- BelloweeN (heavy metal Helloween tribute) – 2006 a 2007
- Escarpus (thrash metal) – 2007 – 2009
- Seawalker (heavy metal) – 2008 – 2011
- Vinil (classi rock) – 2009
- Rock Station (rock 90′s) – 2009 – 2011
- Revox Revival (classic rock)– 2009 – 2011
- CA$H (rock 90′s 2000′s) – 2011 – today
- Aunora (rock 2000′s) – 2011
- Directa (rock) – 2014

As a session drummer, has just finished recording for two bands: Instaurer (Power Metal) and Insulter (Thrash/Death Metal)

Also as free-lancer in different styles of music, he played with bands like João Neto JNT, Douglas Carraro, CA$H, Creedence Revox, Devil Dust, Dynasty, Elefantes Elegantes, Marina Kim, Mothership, Texas Flood, Mandrax, Mercantes, Insulter, Pátria Refúgio, between others.

Private Teacher

August 2000 – TODAY

Gabriel” T-Bone” Soto (Brasilia – DF, January 27, 1990), began his studies at age 11 with Professor Gabriel Souza in BSB musical academy where he stayed for two years.

In 2007, he began his studies at GTR (Guitar Institute) with guitarist Fabricio Moraes (Mortaes) and the following year had the opportunity to study with Marcelo Barbosa (Khallice, Almah) which improves until today.

In early 2006, Gabriel Soto with Pedro Senna created the bandArtemis, which would later lead to the Age of Artemis, had made ​​some presentations and the review of their EP” Fields of Ascension” magazine Roadie Crew.

In late 2008, with the entry of Nathan Grego, started the process of composing the debut album of Age of Artemis entitled “Overcoming Limits”. The album featured production from Edu Falaschi (Almah) and was launched in late 2011 .

That same year the band Age Of Artemis began his tour and has performed in major events of Heavy Metal in Brazil.

In early 2012 Gabriel Soto was in the TOP 10 Brazilian guitarists by readers of

I started my interest in music since I was a little kid by listening to my dad´s records and following my brother´s improvement on his acoustic guitar.
In the street where I used to live there was a garage band which made me dream that maybe one day I would become a professional musician.

After I graduated in liberal arts I decided to take music seriously. I made part of different bands which gave me some experience in the field and finally I decided to study music at UECE – Universidade Estadual do Ceará.

I wasn´t satisfied then I decided to move to Brasilia, Brazil´s capital, where I heard about a music school where many important names of the Brazilian music had been there. So I moved and graduated in electric bass at EMB – Escola de Música de Brasilia and graduated in music at UNB – Universidade de Brasilia almost at the same time.

Even though I consider myself as a rock bass player there I had the chance to improve myself as a musician playing and studying improvisation and subjects concerning jazz and Brazilian music.

Nowadays I work at the same school where I graduated. I teach bass and some subjects concerning popular music. I still eager to keep studying in order to to be a better musician and a better person.