Age of Artemis is a heavy metal band from Brasília, Brazil´s capital and it was formed in 2008. In that year “Fields of Ascencion” (demo) was released. In 2011, Edu Falaschi (Almah, Ex Angra) was asked to produce Age of Artemis first album. The line up for the recordings was Pedro Senna (Drums), Nathan Grego (Guitars), Gabriel Soto (Guitars), Alírio Netto (Vocals) and Giovanni Sena (Bass). The recordings and production process resulted in the creation of the explosive album “Overcoming Limits” (2011). With all the exposure in magazines the band became the seventh best Brazilian band in the year of 2011 according to

In 2014, it was released the second album – “The Waking Hour”. The album was also released in Japan (King Records), Europe and Brazil and it got great reviews from specialized media once again. This resulted in two front covers for the “Rock Meeting” magazine and interviews for Brazilian TV shows. In the same year, the band recorded “Power” from the well known German band Helloween. The song was broadcasted on YouTube and it got hundreds of compliments by the viewers.

After releasing “The Waking Hour” Pedro Senna left the band and Riccardo Linassi took his place. With Riccardo on drums, Age of Artemis did an almost sold out concert in São Paulo in a famous pub in that city.

In 2015, the band was chosen to play in one of the most famous festival around the world – Rock in Rio 30th edition which gave Age of Artemis notoriety throughout Brazil. In that concert, Jeff Castro took Nathan Grego´s place since he was not able to follow the band with its new goals.

In 2017, “Unknown Strength” was revealed as a little taste of the upcoming album which would be released in 2019. With that accomplishment, Pedro Campos was announced as the new singer of Age of Artemis. He brought the idea of a concept album. The upcoming Age of Artemis album will be about the monomyth. The monomyth is about the twelve steps an ordinary person should take in order to become a hero. Monomyth will be released in the 2nd of April of 2019. This new album represents the best of what Age of Artemis is. The album was produced by Giovanni Sena (bassist) and it contains twelve tracks: Statos Quo, The Calling, Helping Hand, Unknown Strength, Lightning Strikes, The Call of the Fear, Reborn, Endless Fight, What Really Matters, Where Love Grows, A Great Day to Live and Prelude to a New World.